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Sandra Updyke

Sandra Updyke

Hovland, MN


I am an outdoor gal, having lived in Hovland, Minnesota my entire life. I love doing anything outdoors. I have always been interested in art, photography and wildlife. They all work well together. Over the years I have had a good many up close and personal experiences with most of the wildlife up here. Sometimes I had a camera, sometimes not. Some got pretty intense. But, they all ended well. My dog, currently a golden retriever named Toby, goes with me on almost all of my expeditions to find something photo worthy. He is a bird dog, for sure. But, camera season lasts all year long. I like to take photos to show the beauty of nature as it really I see it. I don't feel a need to use Photoshop to do a lot of enhancing of what nature has created. I don't have a problem with someone using artistic license to make a nice piece of art. But, I do keep it pretty simple. I actually took up photography, more seriously, when I started working full time. Working didn't leave me a lot of time to do much serious painting. But, with photography, I could pick up and go when I had time. Plus, it was a good excuse to make time for outside activities. So, what you see in my photos is a lot of my every day life. I do most of my photos in the winter as I love the ever changing ice formations on the shore of Lake Superior. But, I take wildlife photos throughout the year. I hope you enjoy what you see. :)
I have a Moose Valley Photography page on Facebook for more photos from my area on a regular basis.


Hollow Rock Reflections


A Lake Superior cove


Superior Shore Rocks


Superior Lichens


Superior Morning Reflections


Lupines Glorious Lupines


Beauty is Where You Find it


Lupines and Sunbeams


I See You


Male Hummer Watchful


Male Hummer on Guard


Old Hovland Dock after the storm


Lake Superior Water


Hiking Superior's Shore


A Superior Mirror Reflection


Reflections on a Superior Day #2


Reflections on a Superior Day


A Superior Hiking Day #2


A Superior Hiking Day


Superior Driftbird on Nest


A Superior shoreline


A Superior Stack


Oh Deer I'm Discovered


Rare Superior Driftbird


Kayaking Lake Superior's North Shore